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Mind, Body, Soul
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Why is Mental Agility Important?

Mental agility is one of the key skills needed for success as we continue navigating an uncertain future, and is a great asset in the both athletics and the workplace. Mental agility is the capacity to respond to events in a flexible way and be able to move quickly between different ideas. If you’re mentally agile, you can take in change and find the best course of action to move forward despite unpredictable events. It’s not about having all the answers - but about being confident that you can figure out a new way of doing things to get where you want to go.

Mental agility is linked to an area of research called psychological flexibility. Studies have shown that those that have higher levels of psychological flexibility are less likely to be depressed, anxious or stressed and more likely to report well-being in general because of the way they think about situations and how they choose to respond to events. 

Why should I find a Mental Agility Coach?

We aren't meant to do life alone. Everyone needs a coach at certain times in life. A mental agility coach gives you an opportunity for you to receive personal coaching in areas that will develop confidence to help you become the person you were created to be. Mental Agility coaching isn't a mind game, but a mind shift. You hold the key to unlock limitless potential! 

Mental Agility Membership

Find one that works for you!

  • Mental Agility Membership

    4 Sessions
    Valid for 3 months
    • One on one in person sessions
    • Normatec Recovery session
    • Mental Agility Online Sessions
    • Includes Consultation Session
  • Bronze Body + Soul Membership Package

    4 Normatec Recovery Sessions
    Valid for one month
    • Bronze Body + Soul Normatec Membership
  • Siver Body + Soul Membership

    6 Normatec Recovery Sessions
    Valid for 2 months
    • Silver Body + Soul Normatec Membership
  • Gold Body + Soul Membership

    9 Normatec Recovery Sessions
    Valid for 3 months
    • Gold Body + Soul Normatec Membership
  • Soul: Weekly Family Devotion

    Weekly Family Devotions delivered to your email.
    Valid for 12 months
    • Athlete Development Lunch & Learn

      ALL Tuesday lunch & learn sessions featuring guest speaker, lunch and materials.
      Valid for one month
      • Weekly Guest Speaker
      • Lunch Included
      • Two Hour Session
      • Price includes one free Normatec Recovery Session
    • Athlete Lunch and Learn (SINGLE DAY)

      Single Day Registration for Lunch and Learn
      Valid for one week
      • Guest Speaker
      • Lunch is Included
      • Materials Included
    • Mental Agility & Character Camp (4)

      Young athletes camp offered every Tuesday in June
      Valid for one month
      • Daily agility challenges
      • Daily character development courses
      • Mental agility exercises
      • Recovery exposure and techniques
    • Mental Agility & Character Camp (SINGLE)

      This is for a ONE day camp attendance.
      Valid for one week
      • Mental Agility Exercises
      • Skill Drills
      • Character Courses
      • Agility and training
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