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Come To The Table.

Discovering what makes you tick & what ticks you off

Meet Your Confidence Coach

Simply stated, I'm passionate about meeting people where they are

so that they can get to where they want to be. 

In every walk of life, 

In every stage of growth.

We have all encountered moments when we didn't measure up, moments when we couldn't get past our failures, and moments when our insecurities overshadowed our moments for victory.


I have been coaching kids and adults for over ten years, and I'm looking forward to coaching at the next level. By this, I mean, taking your confidence into your family, your business, your sport or your lifestyle. 


My personal experiences have led me to realize that we can coach a skill only as high as the individual's confidence level has risen. By coaching confidence, coupled with the individual skill, we can see individuals, teams, and organizations soar to new heights!

Who is Confidence Coaching For?

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Cute Kids Posing Against Wall
  • I don't think I can do it.

  • I don't measure up.

  • Everyone is better than me.

  • I can't make the grade.

  • the team, or make friends.

  • My parents put pressure on me.

Do hear this from your


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Similing Team


  • I've always wanted to try, but...

  • My previous failures

  • are holding me back.

  • I'm afraid to make a mistake.

  • I can't seem to close the gaps.

  • No one will take me seriously.

You might catch

yourself saying this as 

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Business Team


  • We have big ideas, but need a plan.

  • I have a great team, but we need to know our roles.

  • Seems like we can't achieve success.

  • We just need some outside assessment.

You might catch

yourself saying this about your


Growth Mindset







Intrinsic Motivation

Fixed Mindset



Set in your ways


Lack of Motivation

Sporadic Behavior

Low Self-Esteem


What is ReDiscover Confidence?


Welcome to ReDiscover Confidence! You may have heard of life coaching, sports coaching and even health coaching, but have you heard of Confidence Coaching? 


Awesome! Let me tell you about Confidence Coaching in a nutshell. As you dive deeper into the website and the content that we are producing, it’s my hope that you’ll gain a better understanding!


Let’s take a look inward - think to yourself about a time when you felt the most confident in yourself, your accomplishments, your status, and so on…. Wow! That feels awesome doesn’t it? Did you feel empowered? Did you feel like you could take on the world? I know I have! 


Now, let’s think about a time we felt the total opposite. Hmmmm… that doesn’t take me to a really exciting place, as I’m sure it doesn’t feel that great for you too. In the world that we live in, we have so much access to self-help and positive mental coaching, but have we ever stopped to think just why we can’t get ahead, why we can’t reach our goals or even make simple life choices that should be so easy?


Sounds like we’ve been in some of the same places. 


Cue confidence coaching - Confidence is what is innately within you. We all need a boost to really lock into our confidence to overcome whatever hurdles may be in front of us.  As a confidence coach, I’m here to take you through the steps to achieve your goals. Together, we can do anything you set your mind to!


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Tel: 256.303.2866

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