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Every Life Has A Story. Here's Mine.


I was born and raised in Decatur, AL. My parents were divorced when I was two years old.  They both remarried soon after and gave me 6 siblings between the two families. Change has been a constant as I bounced back and forth every other weekend. Having a stable home life was of the norm, but there were still a lot of obstacles that came along. Even though I was loved deeply, wrestling with my identity was not easy. Athletics became a focal point that distracted me from reality, which allowed my abilities to define my identity. After spending many years playing sports, the dream of playing basketball, at the next level, came to a halt, but another dream came knocking. I accepted a golf scholarship to Alabama A&M University.


The night before my first golf match, the coach informed me of being ineligible to play that year. Nothing and no one prepared me for this moment. My identity, my path to success was taken by my victim mentality. Seeking out help was the last thing on my mind. It was everyone else’s fault that I was in this position that brought along these failures; so I thought.


Now with my world turned upside down and spiraling out of control, help couldn’t come quick enough. From academic probation, to academic suspension, multiple jobs and many conversations with friends and family, I had to figure out the next steps.


In the midst of the turmoil, there came along a man (a guide or coach) that began to ask the right questions. Daily, he would talk with me about my dreams and goals. He would challenge me to write them down. Also, he would ask more questions that would spark a fire, which turned into a blaze. Things started to turn for the better. Once one goal was accomplished and then another, the light started to brighten, and dreams became reality. One of the greatest accomplishments was graduating college. Another great opportunity was had while working with Chick-fil-A. I enjoyed serving others and being involved with growing the brand in the community. I’ve been able to use my experiences and education to work with multiple organizations and businesses to both develop systems and processes and team members as we grew the business.  


As a Confidence Producer, I have realized that life is not meant to do alone. Keep this in mind; don't allow yourself to take on the victim mentality. Give yourself the opportunity to learn, fail and grow as you dig deeper inside yourself to see what you really have to offer this world.

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