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This summer, we're looking forward to offering two different experiences for your student athletes to participate in! 

What's coming up?

Summer Lunch and Learn

7th-12th Grade Only 

Summer Lunch and Learns are offered every Tuesday in June from 11am-1pm. These will consist of a guest speaker - current or former athlete, coach, mentor or community partner - who will challenge and encourage young athletes in a variety of topics. Lunch is provided and student athletes will be able to explore available opportunities within their community that will help them grow as individuals and athletes. 

Agility and Character Camps

7yrs-12yrs Only 

Agility and Character camps are specifically designed for young, upcoming athletes to grow both physically and mentally, while developing an awareness for their opportunity to influence other students and student athletes. We believe that athletes have a unique platform and as character develops, so does their platform of influence. We also believe in sharpening an athlete's mental agility which impacts their abilities both in and out of the game. 

Through exposure to mental agility exercises and tools, these young athletes will be able to overcome obstacles and be  more equipped as they grow into higher level athletes.

All participants will engage in drills and also be presented with character growth opportunities to help them at home and within their sport. Camps will begin at 8:30am and end at 1pm. Lunch is included.

  • Athlete Development Lunch & Learn

    ALL Tuesday lunch & learn sessions featuring guest speaker, lunch and materials.
    Valid for one month
    • Weekly Guest Speaker
    • Lunch Included
    • Two Hour Session
    • Price includes one free Normatec Recovery Session
  • Athlete Lunch and Learn (SINGLE DAY)

    Single Day Registration for Lunch and Learn
    Valid for one week
    • Guest Speaker
    • Lunch is Included
    • Materials Included
  • Mental Agility & Character Camp (4)

    Young athletes camp offered every Tuesday in June
    Valid for one month
    • Daily agility challenges
    • Daily character development courses
    • Mental agility exercises
    • Recovery exposure and techniques
  • Mental Agility & Character Camp (SINGLE)

    This is for a ONE day camp attendance.
    Valid for one week
    • Mental Agility Exercises
    • Skill Drills
    • Character Courses
    • Agility and training
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