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Family Counseling

The Importance of Family Counseling

Every family has a story, and every family has stories to tell or that we don't want to be told. Often times, we reproduce what we've seen or have been taught. But we don't always want to be who we were or what we were taught. 


Families leave legacies and sometimes, to realign our family legacies, we need someone to help coach us through the hard spots and the difficult conversations. This is where family coaching comes in. We don't always need a counselor but rather a coach who can guide us through family patterns, or future opportunities. 

Strong families make strong children. 

Strong children make strong legacies. 

When a family wins and overcomes, we see the best in all the individuals!

How does it work?

Family Session

Partial Family Session

Individual Sessions

Family sessions are important because it allows everyone to come to the table with a coach to be able to have tough conversations and draw up healthy goals to work through issues. This can be done in multiple sessions and will include a Family Character Guidebook.

These sessions are usually between a parent, child and coach. This allows the coach to speak to the child with a trusted parent in the room and allows the coach to create goals and talk through personal issues. This session comes with Family Character Guidebook.

These sessions are one on one with the coach in a public setting where a child or adult can speak express areas that they need individual coaching and can be remedied through a short series or lengthy series of meetings. This can be combined with a family session package or partial family sessions. This session comes with a Family Character Guidebook.

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